To develop, create and distribute most advanced air filtering products to the world.

Our Service Commitment

1. In accordance with the specifications and models selected by the user, we provide a "User Manual." For any technical assistance or inquiries regarding the equipment, the company or designated local agents will respond accurately within 24 hours or provide relevant technical materials free of charge.

2. Our company offers a one-year warranty service for the products sold.

3. During the warranty period, the company or designated local agents will respond within 24 hours upon receiving notification of equipment failure from the user. They will provide the fastest solution and promptly address the issue.

4. Within the warranty period, non-wearable parts of the equipment damaged or malfunctioning under normal use will be replaced free of charge.

5. Starting from the date of normal operation, the company or designated local agents will regularly conduct telephone follow-ups with users to promptly understand the equipment's operational status. Effective answers to user questions during equipment operation will be provided, along with suggestions for maintenance and improvement to ensure the long-term normal operation of the equipment.

6. When the equipment needs replacement of consumables or wearable parts, users only need to follow the requirements in the "After-sales Service Information," specifying the model, type, and code. The company guarantees a response within 24 hours and will provide service to the user at the fastest speed and a reasonable price.

7. We introduce the "2 to 10 Years Regular Maintenance Agreement" service. Users can choose a one-time purchase or annual payment method. Within the agreed-upon period, users do not need to invest any operating maintenance costs on the equipment. Users only need to use and replace the spare parts provided regularly by the company. Simultaneously, the company or designated local agents will regularly inspect the equipment on-site to ensure its normal operation year after year. The cost will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

8. Researching, manufacturing, and selling compressed air purification products that satisfy customers is the eternal pursuit of "Han Yue Purification." Environmental protection, energy-saving, efficiency, leading the way!

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