Congratulations to our company again won the "high-tech enterprise" award!

2024-01-09 17:12:34

Recently, Guangzhou Hanyue Purification Technology Co., Ltd. received the "high-tech enterprise" certificate jointly issued by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province, and the Guangdong Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. Hanyue Company once again entered the ranks of high-tech enterprises, certificate number: GR201844002189.

The identification of high-tech enterprises shall be strictly reviewed and identified from four aspects: the core intellectual property rights of enterprises, the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, the organization and management level of research and development, and the sales and asset growth indicators. Under the joint efforts of the company leadership, technology research and development department, finance department and administrative department and other relevant departments and personnel, after the initial review, review, joint review and other links, and finally through the national high-tech enterprise identification Management leading Group of the final review, Guangzhou Hanyue Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was identified as a high-tech enterprise, Hanyue this high enterprise identification is well deserved!

Our company always adhere to the "research and development, manufacturing and sales of world-class compressed air purification products" as the development goal, adhering to the "full service, synchronized with the world" enterprise purpose, adhere to create more energy saving, more environmental protection, more efficient, and cost-effective products, help customers solve problems, service customers, customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of "Hanyue Purification".

National high-tech enterprise identification is not only an honor, but also a kind of power. It is not only the recognition of Hanyue's independent research and development and technical level, but also a spur to our company's innovation work! We will continue to increase innovation efforts, stimulate innovation enthusiasm, keep up with the development trend of international advanced compressed air purification technology and equipment, and make and contribute to the society with lower carbon, more environmental protection, more energy saving, more efficient and more advanced compressed air purification products!

Jane Doe
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